The Eureka Stockade: An Interactive History portal contains historical overlays and points of interest in the Ballarat area around the time of the Eureka Stockade. This dynamic map is an interactive spatial interface to the underlying information. The instructions below are a rough guide on how to use the map. Please be aware that the system is regularly being refined and updated and these instructions will be updated from time to time.

Navigation instructions

There are several ways to navigate around using the map interface, your pointer device (mouse) and your keyboard.

  • Double-click on the map to zoom in
  • Click and drag to pan around the map
  • If your mouse has a scroll-wheel, you can use this to zoom in and out.
  • You can also use the 'zoom bar' in the top right hand corner of the map to zoom and pan.
  • Shift-click and drag to zoom in on a specific area

Layer Switcher

The layer switcher allows you to manipulate the data which is displayed on the map. It is broken into two separate sections, Base maps and Layers (or overlays). Simply click on the various layers to toggle them on or off. Some layers take longer to load than others and some are slower to load at the full map extent. Underneath the map in the status bar you will see a loading animation which will be activated when the map is loading.


  • Turn layers off to speed up navigation and zooming, the more layers you have turned on the longer you may have to wait each time you zoom or pan.
  • Turning on a layer may trigger other parts of the interface to change. The Info/Legend/Tools areas will update to reflect the layers you have switched on or off.
  • Overlays are only available at a specific range of zoom levels. If nothing appears to happen on turning a layer on, try zooming in or out on the Ballarat area.

Querying the map for information

To query the map just click on the point of the map you are interested in, information related to that point will be returned in a small popup window.


A transparency tool has been provided for each map layer to enable a clear differentiation between the underlying modern map layer and the historical map overlay. To access this tool:

  • Select the Tools menu
  • A dialog box will appear containing a sliding bar for each activated map layer
  • Drag the slider to the left to increase transparency of that layer and to the right to increase the opacity

You may also adjust the order to map layers by selecting the layer in the tools box, and clicking and dragging the mouse up and down the list


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Active Layer Options

Drag layers to reorder

Hints & Information

A quick way to zoom in to a specific region is using a zoom box. You can create a zoom box by holding the shift-key and using your mouse to drag a rectangle over the map.

To query the points of interest, single-click on one of the markers

Historical Ballarat Maps

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